Let us find in these two service areas the customized offer that will suit the needs of your business.


In matters of Public Law, we can accompany you, among many other scenarios, if:

• You are starting a company and wish to complete the proceedings related to its operation before the government authorities.

• You made the decision of selling your goods or services to the Costa Rican State.

• You have to file action against the State, one of the government entities or the municipal government.

• You require international advice on human rights matter, whether to file a complaint before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights or for proceedings before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

• You are looking for international investors or to complete some sophisticated transaction such as a merger, an acquisition or a joint venture.

• You require guidance on matters of freedom of expression and access to public information.

• You are part of a non-governmental organization that requires legal advice.

Administrative Law and Regulations



Call for Bids by the Government

Constitutional Law

Consumer Protection

Contracts with the Republic of Costa Rica





Litigation against the Government

Municipal Regulations


Project Financing


In matters of Corporate Law, we can accompany you, among many other scenarios, if:

• You need to protect your intellectual property.

• You require advice on Labor Law to manage your personnel better.

• You have to protect your capital.

• You are the owner of a family business and wishes to prepare a succession plan.

• You require tax, investment and labor law advice if your company is international and wish to operate in Costa Rica.

• You are required to initiate proceedings for Collection in Court or arbitration proceedings.

• You are a member of a Board of Directors and requires advice on disciplinary procedures, decision-making, bills of law, draft of regulations and others.

• Your company or organization needs support in the preparation of projects and regulations.

• Your company wishes to resolve disputes in non-traditional manners.

• You need to apply data protection policies.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Asset Management

Bank and Finance

Business Associations

Civil Law

Commercial Law



Corporate Social Responsibility

Data Protection

Family Office

Foreign Investment and Operation Setup


Intellectual Property

Labour Law


Mergers and Acquisitions

Real Estate