Oller Abogados aspires to always be empathic, propositive, curious, innovative, ascertive, open to discussion and determined to follow the route set with our clients. Clear, timely and exact answers to meet the needs of our clients in the development of their interests. Always close, always together.


To be agents of change in the development and growth for Costa Rica. Foster wellness and sustainability for our local, labour and enterprising initiatives through concrete and focused undertakings. Sow for the future of those who will come to achieve a more just and representative Costa Rica.


• Commitment
• Professionalism
• Excellence
• Trust

Integrated Quality Management Policy

Oller Abogados is a law firm that provides legal advice at the highest level in two practice areas: Public Law and Corporate Law.

We are committed to anticipating the needs of those who come knocking on our door and seek to find legal talent in our globally recognized professionals, who are evidence of our reiterated commitment.

We are engaged in identifying all the risks of the projects of our clients.

We are empathetic and share the trust of those who allow us to represent them.

We are committed to quality and compliance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements of our stakeholders.

Here we are. We seek continuous improvement. Our goal is that our clients will confirm that they keep trusting and relying on Oller Abogados.

Pedro Oller
Senior Associate
Oller Abogados

Scope of the Quality Management System

The Scope of the Quality Management System includes all activities, people and services to provide legal advice in Corporate Law and Public Law. These activities are carried out in our offices at the corner of 18th Avenue and 2nd Street, San José., Costa Rica.

The ISO 9001:2015 Design and Development requirement 8.3 is declared as not applicable, due to the fact that the services provided are commonly used in the market. Likewise, requirement 7.1.5 Monitoring and Measurement Resources of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard is declared non-applicable, because given the characteristics of the service, we do not have any monitoring and measurement resources.