Oller Abogados has its head offices in front of the Cañas Park, in the heart of the city of San José, Costa Rica. The property –a warehouse with an area of 700 square meters– has been owned by the Oller families for decades. Pedro Oller, founding partner of Oller Abogados, lived for many years in a house in front of this property. It is then natural for him to have a romantic and nostalgic idea about this space.

In opposition to the trend of the offices to move to the West of the city, Pedro considered the possibility of establishing his law firm there, and found the perfect ally for the project: architect Jaime Rouillón.

The corner is a point of rehabilitation for a convulse zone of the city. The exteriors were designed to provide an ample surface for the graffiti artists and to have good lighting at nighttime, thus making the surroundings safer.

The only window in the facade coexists eternally with the park. The red beams of the building -- the prevailing architectural element – will make you feel partially that you are in a warehouse.

Only a visit will allow you to discover other curiosities. We invite you to have coffee with us.