Two private investors purchased an apartment in the One Jacó Resort Project. After two years of communication between them and the Project developer, there were a series of irregularities that led the investors to look for our advice. We designed a novel approach for resolution of the case: a complaint before the National Consumer Commission which issued an unprecedented vote (Nº 1824-13) that not only favored our clients but also permitted other affected investors to file claims to assert their rights.

During the process, we focused on protecting the investments of our clients, form the time of their arrival to the time they are compensated as promised.


The first thing that comes to our mind when we listen to the word “Lego” is very likely a plastic block in vibrant colors. This is not a coincidence, but the result of a work of decades, performed by a brand that has built an image and a reputation at world level. Lego requested cross control in Costa Rica between the Register of Intellectual Property and the Register of Legal Entities, for the purpose of protecting its trademark, in case there were any companies using the name. We started a process of verification establishing that several companies used in their corporate name the denomination of ‘Lego’. The thorough process led to a resolution of the Register of Legal Entities of the National Registry (case Nº RPJ-049-2013) which ordered the administrative freezing of a Costa Rican stock company for the misuse in its corporate name of the denomination of the registered trademark Lego.

Our greatest interest was to validate the recognition of the Lego brand in its various forms and protect it in view of its national and international fame. This control helped to prevent third parties to gain undue advantage from the reputation of a trademark well known around the world.


The “freedoms of the air” are a set of international commercial aviation agreements that grant the privilege to an airline of a country to enter and land in another country’s airspace. The seventh freedom grants the right to an airline to fly from one foreign country “B”, then fly over its home country “A”, and carry the passengers to another international destination “C”.

Under this premise, and to provide better options to its users, COPA asked for the help of Oller Abogados, in order to obtain the expansion of its Certificate of Operation of the Panama –San José- Managua route and vice versa. This would allow COPA to carry passengers from Managua to San José at the end of the day and then continue on the route to Panama early the next day, with the subsequent benefit for users.

The challenge was that, in the aeronautic history of Costa Rica, a concession for the international transport of passengers on a route had never been granted under this right.

With our advice throughout the process of obtaining the expanded Certificate of Operation, the authorities not only resolved to expand such Certificate of Operation of COPA but it has been renewed since 2012, in view of the benefit it represents for users.

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